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Any time multiples are born, I try and think of names for them.  In honor of the octuplets born in California the other day, I want you to think of what you would name them if they were yours.  Same gender ratio: 6 boys and 2 girls.

What would I do?  I could stay Biblical and go with Aaron, Asa, Jesse, Josiah, Malachi, Paul, Anna and Sarah.  But I think I would rather go Austen.  🙂  Their names would probably be:

Charles (Bingley)
Edward (Ferrars)
Frederick (Wentworth)
George (Knightley, not Wickham)
Henry (Tilney)
William (as in Fitzwilliam Darcy… I cheated a bit with this one)
Elinor (Dashwood)
Jane (Bennett; my all time favorite name)

This is, of course, all me.  Brent would never agree to those names.  🙂 So, have fun coming up with your choices!

I’m sorry for the long lag in posts.  I would like to start this back up again, slowly but surely.  And I want to know if you, my readers, have any name topics you would like for me to consider for future posts.  Celebrity baby names is something I am already working on.  Please share your ideas and interests!


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  1. I’ve missed these kinds of posts but I’ll let you off the hook since you have a new one around and all. 😉

    I find boy names incredibly difficult so the only formula I’d use is first names would be ones I like and second names would be family names:

    Harper Charles
    Sawyer Edward
    Auden James
    Sutton Andrew
    Riordan Vaughan
    Cullen Thomas
    Emerson Carys
    Merit Jane

  2. Although I’m not big on name themes personally, for multiples I think they’re very appropriate! I would have to keep my “everyone gets their own letter” rule, though – golly with that much stuff to label – initials would be much more efficient!

    So, I could go lots of ways on this one. Here are my two:
    Presidential – the girls would be Kennedy and Reagan, the boys – Adam (sort of cheating there!), Harrison, Lincoln, Jefferson, Wilson, Carter and Grant (of course!)

    Celtic – (I could use the same names for the girls, but I’ll pick different ones!) 🙂
    Megan and Erin for the girls. For the boys – Alton, Brendan, Camden, Gavin, Nolan, and Ryan.

    Of course, those last two made me chuckle and think how fun it would be to have a baseball theme to your kids’ names – and Camden, Nolan and Ryan would all fit that theme, too. Kelli – you could really have fun with that one! 🙂

  3. oooo Erin… you have trumped me with the middle names! since i also use family names, i will match my chosen 8 with middle names:

    Charles Wesley (my g’pa)
    Edward Aubrey (B’s g’pa)
    Frederick Lyle (B’s dad)
    George Earl (B’s g’pa)
    Henry Keith (my dad)
    William Eugene (my g’pa)
    Elinor Irene (my g’ma)
    Jane Alice (B’s mom)

  4. Love this post….I”m still thinking though!

  5. it’s pretty amazing that all eight of those babies survived the birthing process

  6. I just found out that this woman has 6 OTHER children! Can you imagine the fun we namefreakers would have coming up with all those names. Kelli, you need to add 6 names that “coordinate” the 8 selected for the octuplets….what a job! (and that’s before they even come home from the hospital).

  7. Ok— I can tend to overthink things and it’s mostly b/c I try to answer how I would if I were TRULY in this situation instead of doing it just for fun…but let’s face it, I will MORE THAN LIKELY (unless God wants to play a cruel joke of me) NEVER be in this situation so I decided to just name the babies “for fun”

    Henry (nn Hank)


    It kills me that there’s no “theme” but I didn’t love that many names in any one theme….although I thought of Presidential too, Katherine!

  8. Ideas for future posts…

    “18 kids and counting” family naming all their kids with the same first letter “J” (btw I HATE when people spell a name with the “wrong” first letter “Jinger” instead of Ginger! ick–pet peeve!!

    speaking of pet peeves…that’s another idea…what are your baby name pet peeves! I have several!!

    one more idea…the increase in using family names as first names (also middle but I’ve seen a lot more people putting them in as a first name and not “normal” family names like Kennedy or Mason)

    I’m glad you are doing a celebrity one too.

  9. great ideas jaime! i need to get to work! 🙂

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