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How Would You Describe?

I am SO SORRY for the long break in posts. I guess going over names again and again, trying to find the right one for the boy just takes a lot out of me at times. πŸ™‚ And no, we are not close to choosing a name quite yet. 😦 Anyway, I wanted to post to keep things going, so I thought it would be fun to do a “baby name survey.”

There is a cool name book that took a survey asking people what they thought of when presented with a name. I really enjoy looking through the book and always wanted to do a little mini-survey of my own.

When I say the following names, how do you picture the child/adult?Β  What does he/she look like?Β  WhatΒ are his/her abilities, temperament, and/or characteristics? Any description you can think of would be great! (The names below are just a random selection of names. And BTW, I really need the new edition of The Baby Name Wizard to come out soon… my copy of the first book is looking really shabby right now.)




4 Responses

  1. Allegra – sickly
    Ashlyn – gender-confused
    Charlotte – noble
    Elodie – confused
    Gemma – angry because she will continually have to tell people that the β€˜g’ is hard or maybe it is soft
    Ivy – likes plants
    Jocelyn – bright
    Maisie – an Indian
    Piper – annoying
    Samantha – rambunctious
    Tatum – a drug addict
    Willow – a midget or a lesbian on some vampire show

    Alden – old
    Dexter – someone who likes dogs
    Ellis – someone who was never hugged
    Grady – athletic
    Holden – will have overprotective parents
    Jasper – a giant wuss
    Jedidiah – his parents couldn’t decide what they liked more… the bible or starwars
    Miles – a wealthy, nerd
    Pierce – presidential
    Seth – Egyptian
    Tyler – probably a lunatic
    Walker – will end up in law enforcement in TX

  2. Allegra – spaced-out hippie who dresses in all natural fibers
    Ashlyn – a stripper
    Charlotte – (chlld) lonely with upper-crust Hampton-type parents; (adult) my 5th grade teacher whom I loved
    Elodie – spoiled rotten
    Gemma – British 20-something, slightly overweight but OK with it who has bad luck in love
    Ivy – clingy
    Jocelyn – someone who all too often frequents renaissance festivals and is proud of it
    Maisie – cute little girl, slightly precocious
    Piper – high-school cheerleader and not the token nice one
    Samantha – probably goes by Sam and is a tom-boy
    Tatum – experimental lifestyle, musician
    Willow – very, very creep, could star on remake of the Addams Family

    Alden – popular, athletic
    Dexter – computer geek or someone known on the ComiCon scene
    Ellis – something of a wimp
    Grady – redneck!!
    Holden – all-american boy
    Jasper – creepola who hits on anything with a pulse
    Jedidiah – old geezer in overalls, rocking on the front porch and spitting tobacco in a Chock Full-o-Nuts can
    Miles – socially awkward boy
    Pierce – upper-middle class businessman
    Seth – rowdy
    Tyler – player
    Walker – poor thing is the child of parents who are way too into bad TV and Texas — a bad combo

  3. This was too much fun!

    Allegra–spoiled rotten brat as a child and adult, but absolutely gorgeous and everyone tells her so.
    Ashlyn- Gets called Ashley constantly and hates it, but rarely speaks up. She’s very smart, but always in her own little world.
    Charlotte- A sweet, sincere person with good hair.
    Elodie- Likes to fight, she’s always causing trouble.
    Gemma- Artsy and funky, she wants to design things.
    Ivy- Really tall.
    Jocelyn- Thinks she should be treated like royalty.
    Maisie- Everyone says she is so cute.
    Piper- athletic
    Samantha- obnoxious and mean-spirited
    Tatum- gets called tater-tot.
    Willow- the shyest person you’ve ever met.

    Alden- drives a race car.
    Dexter- likes science.
    Ellis- the quiet one.
    Grady- all the girls are crazy over him.
    Holden- kind of geeky
    Jasper- is kind of a punk.
    Jedidiah- grew up in the country
    Miles- really cute, but annoying.
    Pierce- super athlete
    Seth- is a dancer
    Tyler- is really rambunctious
    Walker- he’s an adorable kid, and a very smart grown up.

  4. Ok, I’m coming into this one pretty late, but it’s pretty fun. πŸ™‚

    Allegra – ballet dancer, tall and statuesque
    Ashlyn – “Hi! I’m Ashlyn and I’m going to be your server today.” Ponytail and tight t-shirt.
    Charlotte – young: smart, reads the Anne series, adult: impeccable boarding school manners. Perhaps is a pilates instructor as a side job
    Elodie – reads the “Eloise” books and wonders why her parents didn’t just call her that.
    Gemma – British. hates her real name, Jemima.
    Ivy – went to Madeira, pretty shy around anything but a horse
    Jocelyn – a reader
    Maisie – born to be a detective.
    Piper – topless dancer
    Samantha – really nice and good-natured
    Tatum – dad had a crush on Tatum O’Neil as a boy
    Willow- buys a VW van to travel around Europe when she turns twenty.

    Alden- future Wall Street lawyer
    Dexter – the five year old who is aleady practicing his comb-over.
    Ellis – aspiring writer, perhaps a journalist
    Grady – football player with brains, doesn’t go for the cheerleaders
    Holden – prep school rebel, drugs? Much like his namesake Holden Caulfield
    Jasper – Pansy
    Jedidiah – Tall, really tall. Likes heavy machinery
    Miles – piano player
    Pierce – Named after his father, so goes by his middle name
    Seth – really nice guy.
    Tyler – Definitely a boy born in the 1990’s. Also nice
    Walker – either a cool kid who grows up to be even cooler, or the kid who becomes a small-town cop with attitude.

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