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2007 Top 100 Analysis – Boys

Sorry it has taken so long, but here is the analysis for the boy names. First, some casual observances:

1) Just like the girls, boy names have spread out. In 2006, 1.1327% of boys were named Jacob and “only” 1.0955% were in 2007. In fact 65 of the top 100 names went down in percentage.

2) Only two names have changed over in the top 100. Those leaving the top 100: Devin (#100 to #101) and Alejandro (#96 to #103). Those entering the top 100: Brady (#105 to #93) and Cooper (#113 to #95). As has been the case for a while, boy names are a lot more steady and consistent than girl names.

3) My pet-peeve of the boy category is definitely the -aiden names. Don’t get me wrong… they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t great names. But there are SO MANY! Aidan, Brayden, Caden, Jayden, and Hayden. Oh, and why is Aiden a more popular spelling than Aidan? I guess people wanted to be different (which is why there are SO MANY different spellings of these -aiden names), but they end up being more alike. As you will see later on, there are 35 variants of these five names. There are a few variants that I don’t mind (although there are quite a few that irk me), but in my opinion, the original spelling (like Aidan) is the way to go. 🙂

4) The letter J is the most popular letter to begin a boy’s name in the top 1000. 11.7% of the top 1000 names begins with the letter J. The top 10 letters in order of popularity are J, A, D, C, R, M, K, B, T, and E. The least favorite letter is U. Here is the the list of the percentages of each letter.

Now, as for the highest mover of the year, you can re-read my 3rd point to see how I am not surprised. It is Jayden. It moved from #50 in 2006 to #18 in 2007, but more importantly, the number of boys who have that name in comparison to the total number of births in 2007 increased by 0.2509% from 2006. Here is the rest of the top 100 ranked according to their increase in usage.

And now for the “playground test.” Just as I did with the girls, I took the entire top 1000 list of boy names and added the percentages of total births of each name that had the same pronounciation. So, according to the sound of the name, here is the new top 100. As you can see, not surprisingly, Aiden is the new #1 and Jayden is #2 before you reach Jacob.

Any thoughts?


7 Responses

  1. I have an idea why Aiden is popular….Sex in the City. That was Cari’s boyfriend. I imagine the young women who watched the show have grown-up and had babies. Just a guess. I’m so over the aidne names too.
    Anyway, I’m an Indiana friend of Jaime’s.

  2. I think it’s so interesting that even as some modern names are getting trendy, there are some old classics like “Noah” that are climbing the charts.

  3. Okay, so after typing the above comments and thinking of the two Noahs I know who were born in the past 14 months, I then finally watched /The Notebook/ (I know, I know — I’m so behind the times) and realized that might account for the upsurge in that name. Some of the other old classics, however, are still interesting new-risers.

  4. I really love the playground test. It changes my entire perspective on boys names.

  5. Ok, so I have to admit that this post sent me into quite a tither because I was so disturbed to find that Tim and I had picked out the #1 boy name if our next is indeed a boy — Aidan. Sorry to all you Jennifers and Michaels out there, but I do not want my kid to be just one of googles. So, sadly, I went to Tim and told him we’d have to pick something else. After much searching and going back and forth again, (because it took us a while to agree on Aidan), we’ve come up with a short list of boy names that we like and will keep on hand just in case. And I’m really happy to say that none of the names are even on this list, let alone in the top 10. 🙂 But I’m hesitant to say any of them for fear that the names will skyrocket up on there on the list and then I’ll have to do this all over again. Or am I kidding myself that I have that much influence. 😉

  6. Oh and for the record, I’ve never seen an episode of Sex in the City, but have loved the name Aidan since my early days in college. Mostly because I’m a big fan of celtic names and Aidan is a great one. I’ll just have to be content in naming Corban’s stuffed animals with all the great names I won’t be using now.

  7. We ended up choosing the super popular name Jacob for our little preemie man. We could not settle on a name, and much like with our Hannah, we decided to go with the popular name b/c we realized we had only been avoiding the name b/c we were trying to avoid being on “the list.” Ultimately we decided we should choose a name that we both liked and not be as concerned about a list. So we are happy with our Hannah Riley and Jacob Eli. :):)

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