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Fun for Me!!

As you may or may not know, Namefreak is pregnant!  And as we all know, the most fun part about being pregnant is picking a name.  🙂  So, your job is to come up with some names that you think I should consider.  Both boy and girl names are certainly welcome!  The middle name for our child will be a family name, so no need for help there.  And if it matters to you, my daughter’s name is Rachel Joyce.  Please comment… and have fun!!


20 Responses

  1. How fun! Congrats!!! I”ve been waiting for this post (or news). I’ll be thinking and be back soon with some names for you!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. I’m still thinking…

  4. Okay – for a girl, I think you should go with Rebecca or Rebecka. I’ve always thought it goes well with Rachel. I’m still think about boy names.

    I can’t remember if you said you wanted to stick with Biblical names or not…

  5. Hmmm….this one is TOUGH and INTIMIDATING (suggesting names to the Namefreak…that’s huge!)

    I think knowing the middle names will help the sound but since you didn’t say what they would be, I’m walking into this empty handed.

    Leah (just kidding!)
    Jane (if not doing Biblical)
    Rebecca (stole it from Tiffany, it goes well w/ Rach)

    Eli (I know at one time you liked it or Elijah with nn Eli)
    Calvin (nn Cal–if not going Biblical)
    Easton (I think this is a cool name for parents who love baseball. Since you keep track of Rachel’s age by Opening Days, I think you qualify!)

  6. Thanks for the responses so far… I was hoping for more so keep them coming!

    I will already say that Rebecca is not a favorite name of mine. I know it goes well with Rachel, but I just don’t like it. 😦

    As for staying Biblical… I really don’t know if we will do that or not. Right now I’m just wanting to find a name that both Brent and I agree on. 🙂 So, I don’t think I will limit myself to Biblical names. If we happen to choose one that is Biblical, that’s great!

    I have a lot of family names to choose from (moreso for a girl) so my plan right now is to find a name that we both like and then pick the middle that goes best with it. The boy middle name will more than likely be Brent, but could possibly be Lyle, depending on the first name.

  7. Caleb.

    I logged on for my boy name suggestion and, lo an dbehold, I think it goes well with both of your middle name suggestions! Plus, it ‘s a great name even if you don’t want to keep with the Biblical name thing

    And I’ll rethink the girl game.

  8. name, not game

  9. Oh! What about Camden for the Os? Daisha mentioned that she’d hear this name up in NoVA and I think it’s WONDERFUL!

    (Though “Cal” as a nn for Caleb also works to honor the Os…)

    (And I’d suggest Brooks in honor of one of the greatest Os ever. And, of course, I’m a little partial to it, myself.)

  10. Tiffany: Brooks and Camden are already on my long list. I do like Caleb, but it doesn’t run well with a last name that starts with a B (it turns into Kayla B…). It’s a great name though and it saddens me that I can’t use it.

    Jaime: I think the name Leah is beautiful, but as you already mentioned… it can’t be paired with Rachel. 🙂 Of course, everyone knows I love the name Jane. It is my #1, but it would take a lot of convincing for Brent to agree. Eden had its appeal, but Brent has already nixed it. Being big Star Wars fans, I think we would get teased a little if we named our son Luke, and it doesn’t really go with the middle names. I’ve given up on Eli, for several reasons, but I do like the name Aaron. It’s on my list. I loved Calvin when I was younger, but haven’t considered it recently, so I will add it to my long list. And it’s funny that you mentioned Easton… Weston is on my long list. I think the nn West is so cute.

    One thing also to remember: Brent is not really big on nicknames. I love them, and it’s possible that we could pick a name that has a nn, but it’s not something that I can use as a convincing factor to Brent. 🙂

    Keep them coming… I want to hear from all of you!

  11. Ok, here’s my go at this:

    For girls I like — Amelia, Reagan or Sophie

    For boys I like — Andrew or Jack

  12. I wish I could add something useful to the conversation, but I am really un-creative about this. Zak has basically come up with all names for this family. I would like to throw Shiloh into the pot for a girl name, but I’ve already decided that I think you are having a boy, so that will have to be my boy suggestion, too. That’s all I got…

  13. I thought of another girl name…

    Do you like the name Lydia?

    It’s Biblical and not prone to many nn (people may call her Lyd for short which sounds cute but wouldn’t really write the nn Lyd down…so it wouldn’t “really” be a nn–kinda like Rach or Rachie you can call Rachel that but to write it out looks silly so I don’t think it counts as a true nn (more like a pet name).

  14. I LOVE Jaime’s suggestion! I have always liked the name Lydia. How about Lydia Jane 🙂

  15. Erin: Amelia is a beautiful name, but I don’t see myself using it. I would love to use Reagan (my conservative political roots come out here), but it’s a little too harsh for me. And I also love Sophie… it was on my list, but I think Brent has nixed it. Andrew is on my long list for boys, and while I have always loved Jack, it’s a family thing that I can’t use.

    Kathy: I don’t think I could pull off a Shiloh. 🙂

    Jaime: Funny story… Brent doesn’t like Jane because of Jane Austen, which I am very frustrated with… however, I can’t bring myself to consider Lydia because of the character in P&P. It does go great with Rachel, but I just can’t use it! 🙂

  16. I told you I am terrible at this! I mentioned that name to Zak and he said, “Isn’t that a dog that got shot?” I had no idea!
    I think that is why I am so intrigued by your website and all of these people who seem to have so many great ideas for you–I am just completely void of this type of creativity! So, I will just continue to live in awe of all of you who are creative with letters and I will go make a mosaic coffee table or something… 🙂

  17. Don’t know you…stubled onto your blog via a mutual friend…had to throw out a few names I like! (Remember, I don’t know you so I have no idea what your taste is like…)

    Boy: Josiah or Nathaniel or Wesley
    Girl: Annalise or Elianna or Emory or Avery

    Good luck deciding! I’m sure whatever you pick will be perfect for your little one.

  18. Kel, wish I could give you a suggestion, but right now all I can think of are names that are on my list :)! Can’t wait to hear what you decide on! Btw, shouldn’t husbands just leave the name choosing to the wife?!

  19. April: You may not know me, but you’ve done well with your suggestions. 🙂 Josiah is on our list for boys. I like Nathaniel, but my brother-in-law’s name is Nathan so that is out. And Wesley was our boy’s name for Rachel… but Brent says no to it now. I’ve never been a fan of Annalise, but Eliana was another name we were considering for Rachel. I like Emory, but not enough to make the list. And I really like Avery, but Brent nixed it early on. Thanks for your suggestions!! I have really enjoyed everyone’s comments!!

    Jill: I wish I could have complete say in the name, but I also want Brent to like it too… so there is our dilemma. 🙂

  20. I love Josiah – but Ben wouldn’t let me use it (I think he thought I’d want to use “Bartlett” as a middle name, though). 🙂

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