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Name Your Twins!

I wish I could tell you that my lack of posting is due to some research that I’ve been doing, or some other good reason. But, I’m afraid it’s just due to lack of activity. I hope you all don’t mind a post every couple of weeks… stay with me and I’ll try to keep the fun going!

Some people like to name twins with names that rhyme, start with the same letter, have some other type of connection, or have no connection at all.  So, if you had to name twins right now, what would you name them?  Explain if you have certain reasons. Let’s do 3 pairs:



6 Responses

  1. Abby & Colby 🙂 I like that they both end with a “by”/have the same ending.

    Don’t think we ever had two girl names picked out?? We also considered Corey but not sure if we would of used both Colby and Corey for twin boys.

    I like for twin names to “go together.”

    I think Jack & Janey would be oh so sweet boy/girl twin names!!

  2. wow – naming twins would be so difficult, I think,(along with the mere fact of carrying and raising twins!!) I can’t even bear to think about it. I think it’s one of those things I could only manage if I faced it in reality. Too much stress! 🙂

  3. Griffin (nn Finn)–Lincoln (nn Linc)
    Mallory–Margaret (nn Maggie)

    These are the names I would pick if I could release the STRONG desire I have to use Biblical names. I don’t know if it came down to it, if I could acutally go with these names, but I REALLY like these names. So for this poll, I’m not making the Biblical name a “must”.

  4. Declan & Kiernan
    Emerson (nn — Emme) & Ellison (nn — Ellie)
    Cullen & Carys

    For the record, I would LOVE to have twins. My cousin is currently pregnant with twins (boy & girl) and I’m a tad bit jealous. 🙂

  5. I should ask my parents what their other name would have been for another boy. They have told me that if it had been two girls, it would have been Ramona and Amy. But, as you know, we were one of each, Timothy and Ramona :). Not sure what I would do – I just know that I would love naming twin girls, find it harder to name a boy/girl twinset, and nearly impossible to name a boy twinset. It’s good we are done :)!

  6. Boy/Boy: Emerson/Elliott
    Girl/Girl: Emerson/Jillian
    Girl/Boy: Tennyson/Emerson

    I will use the name Emerson, no matter what the sex, it is my paternal Granddad’s name and I have always loved it. Some how, the names I would pick for twins, always “go together”. I secretly would love to have twins…God only knows!:)

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