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Favorites #2

I’m working on some research, so in the meantime, here are more of your favorites:

What is your favorite literary name (character name in a book/story/play/poem)?

What is your favorite Biblical name (boy and girl)?

What is your favorite nature name?  Examples: Autumn, Ivy


6 Responses

  1. Literary — Holden (Catcher in the Rye)
    Biblical — Corban (girl) and Ezra (boy)
    Nature — Lachland

  2. Literary — Anastasia (as in Krupnik!) 🙂 and Anne
    Biblical — I couldn’t decide, so I asked Nelson, and he said, “baby Jesus!”
    Nature — Laurel

  3. Literary–Elinor Dashwood (S&S), Hadassah (Mark of the Lion Series by F. Rivers)

    Biblical–Eli & Naomi

    Nature–Autumn (I LOVE this name!!) I wanted to name Faith this but couldn’t b/c she was born in December…I can’t break tradition although I know that the Vaught’s dtr. Autumn was also born in Dec. I just couldn’t do it myself!!

  4. Literary: Tennyson (I went with an author instead of a character — I absolutely love this name but my husband has givcen it a solid “NO.”)

    Biblical: boy – Joseph, girl – Elizabeth and Naomi (so your new niece really had a winning name in my opinion, Kelli)

    Nature: Zephyr (Okay. So I would never acutally inflict this on a child, but it has always struck me as such a wonderful, mysterious sounding word and if I ever run off to a commune and become a hippie, this is totally what my first-born hippie baby will be named!)

  5. Literary: Penelope (from The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets), Anne (Anne of Green Gables), India (India Wilkes from Gone With the Wind), Eustacia Vye (The Return of the Native) – I would never, ever do this to my child, but it is a really cool name.

    Biblical: Girl – Abigail Boy- Paul (Again, Melchizidek is just a cool name, but I would only inflict that on a cat)

    Nature: Girl – Ivy, Rose Boy – River, Skylar (both a little too hippie, but still nice)

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