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Favorites #1

I won’t be able to post for a while, so I thought I would leave a few of things for you to ponder (and give reasons if you can):

What is your favorite flower name?  Examples: Lily, Rose

What is your favorite place name?  Examples: Austin, Sydney

What is your favorite virtue name?  Examples: Felicity, Joy


12 Responses

  1. Corban’s middle name is Lily, so I’ll go with that one. 🙂 As for place, I’d have to go with Ypsilanti. No just kidding, I’ll say either London or Briton. And my favorite virtue name is Grace.

    Can I just tell you how much fun I’m having responding to all these fun questions! Yeah for Kelli!

  2. flower: Lily
    place: Ireland
    virtue: Faith (of course!)

    great quesitons, Kelli! Sorry I missed the last couple.

  3. flower: Rose
    place: Georgia
    virtue: Hope

  4. flower: Daisy or Lily ( I had an Aunt Daisy…not like Daisy Duke)
    place: Grayson (like Grayson Highlands, VA) or Montana
    virtue: Wisdom (there’s an NBC-4 reporter with that name)

  5. I have both a Lily and a Rose in my preschool class. They are both quite darling and precious!! It is especially sweet having a 3 year old named Rose – love it!

  6. flower- Violet
    place- Brooklyn or London
    virtue- Hope

  7. Here’s mine:

    flower: Calla
    place: Georgia
    virtue: Hope

    (thanks for copying me Ramona) 🙂

  8. flower: Lily
    place: Dalton (not because I like the place, just the name!) 😉
    virtue: Faith or Grace

  9. Flower: Fleur (So it’s not a specific type of flower, but just the French word for it and also a smokin’-hot Harry Potter character — I still say it counts. It is also my middle name. I hated it as a kid, but it’s grown on me.)

    Place: Bristol (for the University of Bristol, the alma mater for my MA over in England.)

    Virtue: Noble (boy); Grace, Charity (girl)

  10. Flower: Fleur (Okay, so it’s not a specific type, but since it’s the French word for it, I say it counts. Also, it’s my middle name. I hated it as a kid, but it’s grown on me as an adult — maybe because it’s tied to such a smokin’ hot Harry Potter character.)

    Place: Bristol (for the University of Bristol — my Master’s alma mater over in England)

    Virtue: Noble (boy); Grace, Charity (girl)

  11. Sorry for the double and (now triple) posting. I got an error message with the first response telling me it hadn’t posted but, um, I guess it did. Oh well.

  12. Flower – Lily

    Place – Binsey (a little town near Oxford), Sedona, Georga, Jena (my mom’s name and a town in Germany)

    Virtue: Grace, Hope

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