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An Analysis: Poll #1

I didn’t do this for the first poll I put up, but I thought I would do an analysis of the polls so I (and you) can comment on the results. I don’t vote in the polls, so I can also let you know what my answer would have been. 🙂

Which is your preferred spelling?
1. Catherine (4, 17%)
2. Katharine (1, 4%)
3. Katherine (7, 30%)
4. Kathryn (11, 47%)

Total of 23 votes

I have to say, I am surprised at these results. I thought for sure there would be more preference for the “traditional” spellings of either Catherine or Katherine. I am very surprised that Kathryn won by so much. I would have voted along with the majority. I am usually one who dislikes alternate spellings for names, but Kathryn is one of the few that I do prefer. Although, Katharine is growing on me, just because it looks more elegant with the “a” in the middle. But I wouldn’t choose that way to spell it for my own kid due to spelling confusion. Anyway, Kathryn has always seemed very pretty to me. I love the nickname of Kat too, and because I’m weird, I see it more as a nn for Kathryn than Katherine. Kate (or Katie) is more for Katherine, probably because of the presence of the “e.” And as for Catherine, I do like it, and I like the spelling of Cate too. I’m not sure if I prefer one over the other though (Cate vs. Kate). Maybe you guys have a preference?

Some interesting information: In 2006, Katherine ranked the highest of the spellings at #36 (according to the SSA). The others ranks as follows: Catherine #122, Kathryn #144, and Katharine #906. All of them are falling in popularity over the past several years.

All-in-all, Katherine is one of my favorite names, no matter how it is spelled. It is a much-deserved classic. What are your thoughts on these results (if you have any)?

10 Responses

  1. I’m kind of surprised, too. 🙂
    I agree about spelling it with an “a” — I remember thinking that would have made my name a little more formal. But I do like how my parents chose to spell it.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the spellings aren’t for the exact same name, though. (My father always reminded me of this!!)
    Katherine, Catherine and Katharine all technically have three syllables (although I almost never say my name that way, and only two people I’ve ever met said my name that way consistently), and Kathryn only has two.

  2. yeah… i see what you are saying Katherine. when i looked up the rankings for the names, SSA lists “similar” spellings of a name, and Kathryn didn’t appear among Catherine, Katharine, and Katherine. but, i pronounce them all the same, so that is why i consider them the same name. 🙂

  3. I am also surprised that I was the only one to vote for Katharine! I thought that was the more traditional spelling. I agree with liking the way it looks, I also think it would be pronounced slightly differently and when I slowed them down to see which I really preferred (to vote), I decided I do like the Kath-ar-ine, better than Kath-er-ine. The ERRR seems more accented that way to me (with the er).
    Just curious, my mom’s name is Kathleen and she goes by Kathy. Is Kathy a nickname for Katharine too?

  4. yeah… i have seen Kathy as a nickname for Katherine before. but i think Kate/Katie is more popular.

  5. Katharine is the spelling the /Taming of the Shrew/, so there’ s some bad Shakespearean ju-ju with that one — for me, at least!

    It is one of my favorite names of all times, but the main deterrent for me using it is that while I prefer Katherine as the full spelling, I prefer Cate as the nn spelling, and it’s hard to justify the switch just because it looks prettier one way.

    (By the way, Keii – I’m not ignoring you. I’ll respond to your great e-mail in the next day or two. I’ve just been swamped!)

  6. This may sound odd, but I choose Catherine 1st because my friend named her baby (adopted and only five weeks older than Corban) Catherine and they call her Cate and 2nd because I don’t like to write Ks. Silly, yes but there are certain numbers and letters I like to write and ones I don’t and Ks just mess me up for some reason. 🙂

  7. Erin — I totally understand! I love to make Ls. I love to make Qs. I do not like to make Bs…which is unfortunate because my last name starts with one! I’ve been experimenting with new Bs since I got married and am warming up to it, but I do completely understand what you’re saying.

  8. I voted for Kathryn because I like names with “y’s” in them. Although I do like Katherine & Catherine, too. I love the name Kate – very cute! I also know a little girl named Catie which I think is a very cute name, too.

  9. Tiffany,
    Glad I’m not the only one out there who feels this way. And just because you’re dying to know, I’ve never been able to fully decide on how to write my Ss and similarly, I hate to write 5s. You can all now rest tonight. 🙂

  10. I picked Kathryn b/c it’s how I pronounce it–with 2 syllables, Kath-ryn. The others should have 3…but we tend to pronounce them all the same anyway. And I love names ending in “yn”.
    I have to admit I’m a little biased b/c I have a daughter named Kate–although b/c my husband disliked the name Kathryn we chose to name her Katelyn and call her Kate. We love the way her nn is actually the first 4 letters of her full name.

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