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Name Match #1

What name comes to your mind first when you imagine a BOY with the following characteristic (one name for each characteristic):



Cool Geek:

Class Clown:







17 Responses

  1. Sporty: Andrew/Andy

    Nerd: Willard or Rupert

    Cool Geek: Brent 😉

    Class Clown: Eddie

    Sensitive: Charlie

    Leader: James

    Musical: Tommy

    Artistic: Jackson

    Shy: Allen

  2. Sporty: Jake

    Nerd: Norman

    Cool Geek: George

    Clown: Josh

    Sensitive: Edward (as in Ferris)

    Leader: David

    Musical: Murray (j/k), James (as in Taylor & Brickman)

    Artisic: Liam

    Shy: Luke

  3. Sporty: Jake

    Nerd: Simon

    Cool Geek: Thad

    Class Clown: Art

    Sensitive: Jonas

    Leader: Jeff

    Musical: Seth

    Artistic: Thom

    Shy: Scott

  4. I promise I didn’t peek before I submitted my names, too (I typed it in word first!). So funny that Jaime and I agreed about Jake. 🙂

  5. Sporty: Nick

    Nerd: Charles

    Cool Geek: Clark

    Class Clown: Tim (or Timmy)

    Sensitive: Samuel

    Leader: John

    Musical: Nathan

    Artistic: Isaac

    Shy: Michael

  6. Sporty: Jason

    Nerd: Eugene

    Cool Geek: Shawn

    Class Clown: Chris

    Sensitive: Michael (not Mike)

    Leader: Brett, Sean (yes, spelling does matter!)

    Musical: Brandon

    Artistic: Nick

    Shy: Fitzwilliam Darcy

  7. Sporty: Cole
    Nerd: Walter
    Cool Geek: Wills
    Class Clown: Ben
    Sensitive: Cameron
    Leader: Evan
    Musical: Isaac
    Artistic: Ezra
    Shy: Matthew

  8. Sporty: Jason
    Nerd: Patrick
    Cool Geek: Ben
    Class Clown: Mason
    Sensitive: Ian
    Leader: Jeff
    Musical: Darren
    Artistic: Cole
    Shy: Owen

  9. Sporty: Brad
    Nerd: Brian
    Cool Geek: Digby (Peyton and I like it!)
    Class Clown: Billy
    Sensitive: Ben
    Leader: Joe
    Musical: Liam
    Artistic: Peyton 🙂
    Shy: William or Charles (a name that should be nicknamed, but their too shy to tell anyone)

  10. sporty: Brad
    nerd: Nick
    cool geek: Bobby
    class clown: Lance
    sensitive: Brandon
    leader: Dan
    musical: Joe
    artistic: Taylor
    shy: Cody

  11. Sporty: Brad

    Nerd: Steven

    Cool Geek: Mark

    Class Clown: Max

    Sensitive: Mason

    Leader: Matt

    Musical: Andrew

    Artistic: Zane

    Shy: Michael

  12. Sporty: Brock
    Nerd: Frederick
    Cool Geek: Roger
    Class Clown: Dennis
    Sensitive: Jonathan
    Leader: Zachary
    Musical: David
    Artistic: Micah
    Shy: Ryan

    That was fun and a tad bit challenging. What will the survey be used for, just out of curiosity?

  13. no real reason other than wondering what names people associate with characteristics. there is a cool baby name book that does it (the other way around — listing names and then asking people what they picture when they think of the name). i think it’s really neat and may talk about it more at a later time. 🙂 here’s the book:


  14. Check out http://www.nymbler.com , it will keep you busy for hours! You type in your “inspiration” names and it comes up with names that you might like, you can create a favorites list and a blocked list.
    It’s by the author of the baby name wizard.

  15. i have seen nymbler… it is very cool! i will add it to my website list. 🙂

  16. make your questions easier and then i will answer them

  17. Sporty: Scott
    Nerd: Nigel (hehehehe)
    Cool Geek: Paul
    Class Clown: Jeff
    Sensitive: James
    Leader: Jeremy
    Musical: Dan (Daniel)
    Artistic: Andy (Andrew)
    Shy: Pete

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