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Quick Pick #1

Which of these names would you consider using, would you recommend to a friend, or do you just like better? And why?

Juliana or Juliet


17 Responses

  1. I like Juliana, but using to Ns – Julianna.

    (Kelli – I ran across this blog and love the idea! We don’t know one another, but my husband and I go to Fairfax CofC, which I think is how I found you.)

  2. I actually like both names but I did at one time considered naming a daughter Juliana. But then I married Tim and he has a niece Juliane. Any reason why these were the names up for debate?

    And any chance that you could allow comments from non blogger users? My, and several others’, blog is on WordPress. Just wondering. 🙂

  3. Erin – I made the change to allow anyone to comment. I didn’t realize what setting it was on. Thanks!

    And I chose those names randomly. They are similar, but not, so I thought it would be an interesting choice. These Quick Picks will be like this… some will have a reason (like I may want to know which name people like because I’m needing help choosing which name I like more), and some won’t. 🙂

  4. I like Juliet for a middle name, except I can’t get Samaire Armstrong’s face out of my head–she plays Juliet Darling on ABC’s dirty sexy money.

  5. Juliana. Initially, I couldn’t quantify why, but I guess Juliet seems a little, um, snooty??? (You DID ask why). 🙂
    BUT, I might prefer Juliet with specific other names (e.g. a last name that “Juliana” just didn’t work with). 🙂

  6. I don’t like Juliana because it’s missing another ‘n’… at least how you spelled it. It’s WRONG(!)

    I like Juliet… I mean not only does Shakespeare embrace it but it’s also covered in opera by Gounod when spelled Juliette.

  7. And yes it’s all about opera… at least in my world… okay my mind?

  8. I just have to think of what I’d name my kids, and I think I like Juliana better with our last name (case). I don’t like 2 hard consonants together (which is why my Matthew and Nathan are NOT Matt and Nate). So Juliana has a softer more flowing sound, not so harsh. At least to me. 🙂

  9. I would pick Juliet. If forced to choose. Not real fond of either but I don’t like really long names (we have a long last name).

    I like Julie or Julia even better than the other two names.

    So my vote would be Juliet and call her Julie.

  10. Anne — I agree about it needing two “n”s if it is pronounced “Juli-ANNE-A”, but I thought it would be pronounced “Juli-Ahn-a” Does that make sense?
    So, Kelli, now that I type all that, I realize that this name does, in fact, end up breaking one of my cardinal rules — easy to pronounce. So, now I have to ask — is is supposed to be pronounced with a long A, or with a short o sound?? 🙂

  11. wait – that’s not a long A! Grief. It’s not really a short a either. HELP, Jaime! What sound is that at the beginning of “Anne”? 🙂

  12. Here is a website that I frequent with the pronunciation…


    So, it is Joo-lee-ahn-a, not like Anne. This is the pronunciation I was thinking of when I posted. Of course, if you put the Julianna spelling in the website, it also has an ah sound, but I would think that if you wanted the Joo-lee-anne-a pronunciation, you would spell it Julianna (although, I still see Joo-lee-ahn-a). Julianne would be pronounced Joo-lee-anne though. Pronunciation can be a problem with certain names, as I mentioned before. 🙂

    I didn’t know these names would get such a good turnout on comments! I’m so happy! 🙂

  13. Juliana just doesn’t carry with it the connotations of a tragic love story, so even though I’m a literature professor, I have to side with that one.

  14. This is such a fun blog and I think it’s so neat that you get so excited about names and have made a hobby of it:) At first I thought I would pick Juliana, but after reading the pronunciation discussion, I think I side with Juliet, though I would like it much better spelled Juliette:)

  15. I think Juliana. Juliet brings thoughts of Shakespeare and I don’t dig Shakespeare that much.

  16. Juliet reminds me too of Shakespeare so I would have to go with Juliana. However, now that I have a Breanna(pronounced Bre-ANNE-a) I never realized that so many people would mispronounce it and say Bre-AHN-a). I never thought it would be a confusing name, but it is…of course some people also spell it wrong with and “i.” I spell my name Jennie which of course is confusing. I like that it’s different, but it’s quite annoying sometimes when people spell it wrong, especially if they should know, like a relative or something!

  17. Not sure, maybe Juliana b/c it’s pretty and flowy, and I wouldn’t have to break the strong “Romeo and” association in my head :).

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