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About Names

As you all may know, I love names. It’s an obsession actually. It’s the first thing I wonder when I hear someone is pregnant (what names are they considering?), when a child is born (what did they name him/her?), when I meet a new family (I wonder how they chose those names?), or when I just see children on the playground (I hope their moms yell out their names), or well, anywhere! I actually think it’s more exciting than finding out the gender when having a baby. I spend a lot of time on baby name message boards and looking up names for myself, for others, or just for fun… I guess I would consider it a hobby. 🙂

So, what does that have to do with this blog? I need an outlet for this obsession! I thought I would post at least once a week depending on what comes up or my free time. It may be a discussion, or it may be a short request for a comment such as Quick Pick, a Poll, Rankings, or something similar (will be explained when I post). It would be great to get a lot of comments, to keep the discussion going or just to see what everyone thinks. You can even comment anonymously if you prefer.

On the sidebar there is information where you can reach me if you want any naming help. I’ve been successful in helping someone name their child on 3 occasions so far. I LOVE doing this, and would love to turn it into a job (in my dreams) especially after someone shared this article with me. But reality is allowing me to help my friends and my friends’ friends just because I really like to do the research. Brent laughs at me when I either get a request or hear that my research resulted in a name choice (whether they choose a name I suggested or not, maybe my research helped their decision). I get so excited… and that’s why I’m a freak. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. I would love to know who is out there (if anyone is), so let me know if this captures your interest!

DISCLAIMER: Because this blog is an outlet for me, I will be talking about names that I like, names that I don’t like, trends, styles, and anything else I want to talk about. PLEASE NOTE: I do not mean to offend anyone by my opinions. They are just my opinions and are worth just as much as anyone else’s. I encourage people to share their opinions as well and hopefully no one will get hurt. I know that to most people, the names of their children are very personal and sensitive, and to those people I want to say: the names you chose or choose are beautiful and precious, no matter what anyone thinks of them. In the end, my opinion is that someone should name their child whatever they want to. I just want to give guidance in whatever way is accepted. 🙂


10 Responses

  1. I haven’t read this post yet but I felt an overwhelming urge to mention that ‘A’ is for ANNE!!!

  2. What fun! I’d love to hear about what you’ve discovered in your research. I guess I’ve only looked into names when I was naming each of my 4, but it sure is interesting. Oh, and a side comment, the white on black font was a little hard to read on my monitor. Have fun! 🙂

  3. It’s a mutual “hobby.” I love names and think the whole idea that even God believes that our names are important it exciting. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  4. How fun! I’ll keep checking in with you!

    P.S. Your questionaire was helpful to us (even though we picked a different name.. we’ll keep it in mind for future kiddos that will come in the DISTANT future 🙂 (Lord willing of course)

  5. Not that I have much choice in the matter, but am I safe with Ronald Anderson Gulick IV? I only have a couple more weeks left to make any changes if you think it necessary!

  6. Jaime – I probably would have included Eli on your list… but I remember a conversation we had when I was pregnant with Rachel. I said that I loved the name Eli and you said that you and/or Murray didn’t like his story in the Bible, so I didn’t think you would like it for your 2nd child. I guess things change. 🙂

    Erin – I think you’re safe with the name you have chosen. I love family names, and while I don’t think I would do the Jr, III, IV thing, I don’t have a problem with it (I mean… my brother is a Jr). I like that you are going to call him Anderson, although I did suggest other possibilities on your blog once (Anders or Ronan – RONald ANderson). Just to spice things up a little. 🙂 Of course, I would love to help when you are pregnant with your third child and it’s time to come up with something completely new! 🙂

  7. I do remember that convo. Murray was wanting us to name him Elijah (and call him Eli) for that same reason. I was able to convince him to just name him Eli since that’s what we were going to call him anyway (helping him avoid the “I go by Eli instead of Elijah” on the first day of school). I told him that nearly every character in the Bible has an ugly side and that we can teach our Eli about the priest Eli and use his story to help our Eli not repeat priest Eli’s same mistakes. Make sense?? Anyway, it worked and we love our Eli’s name! Thanks for the help. There were several names on your form I REALLY wanted to use (but I don’t think that justifies me having 12 kids…I’ll just have Faith use them when she starts naming her dolls.

    Random name vent….

    You wouldn’t believe the number of times Eli has been called “Ellie”. I had to call our doctors office and request that they mark in his chart that first of all he is a boy and second his name is Eli….NOT Ellie. (A nurse left a message for us at home asking about “Ellie and HER progress with some medication” Pretty scary when the chart she’s using to call us is the same chart that states our SON’S name and health info. Since I placed the call, he’s been called Eli every sense. I guess the explosion of the name “Ellie” has lead people to believe that E-L-I spells Ellie. Frustrating!!

  8. I will probably have a post in the future about pronounciation problems. They can definitely be frustrating!

    And Erin – I just re-read my comment and I didn’t mean to say that the name needed some spicing up… just the situation (that you already had the name picked out) might want some spicing up. 🙂

  9. Hey Kelly…long time reader, first time commenting. I too have a love of names and the meanings behind people’s names. I share lots of your interests and have now found a place to comment…yahoo! Hope you and Brent are doing well…Rachel is such a cutie. Fan of your Name Blog in Tampa, Florida…
    Wendy (Shackelford) Leonard

  10. Okay, I’m so behind on this blog and I’m going to catch up :). It’s great. Like Jaime told me, this is right up my ally. AND you were a HUGE part of Reuben being named Reuben and I LOVE his name. Actually, you were probably the biggest part, and should take the credit :). And, I loved how you were a George fan at a time when there were a lot of people who weren’t :). I like your disclaimer too – I’d like that to apply to any of my comments as well :).

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